Cooking Jun!

Sooooo perfect!


Edited Images from MEN’S NON-NO 2013.11


cute girl with her favourite dady jun!!!!!

full of love~~~~~

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Arafes '13: Meikyuu Love Song
♥ Ohno singing the line, "It's as if I've known you even before I was born." to the members.

The members of Arashi have perfected the art of bullying their leader (subs by Becky @ lj)

For 6 years he didn't realise there are numbers below...




I need a breath

I do insist to reblog again and again no matter how many time I reblog from every user and  ” Thank you ” to all that post this clip 

I usually don’t reblog non-text content but this.

Just played it 50 times.

Thank you.

TVPia 2014.06